Certificate in Knowledge of Policing

The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) is a national level 3 qualification introduced by the College of Policing as a pre-join requirement for police forces. It covers the legislation, policy and processes required to be a police officer, so if you are thinking of joining as a police constable then this course and qualification is for you.




You must obtain the CKP qualification from an approved provider if you wish to apply/join the Metropolitan Police Service and many other Forces across England and Wales, including Cheshire, Surrey and Thames Valley to name a few.

1ACKP – Enlighten Training is recognized as an approved provider by the College of Policing.

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Award in Education and Training

award-in-education-and-training-landing-pageFormerly known as PTTLS, this qualification is aimed at those who are new to teaching or training, or those who wish to enter this field. Our programme will provide an introduction to teaching and enable you to to present sufficient evidence to demonstrate you have obtained the required skills and knowledge to prepare, plan, deliver and evaluate basic learning sessions in a variety of contexts.


The Award is suitable for those who plan to be, or currently are:

  • Teachers in adult and community education
  • Teachers or trainers in the voluntary sector
  • Training staff in the private and public sectors
  • Support staff in further and adult education


As this is an online course once you have registered and been inducted you can complete it at your own pace.


The Award is designed to allow enrollees to:

  • Identify student needs and learning styles
  • Define basic principles of teaching and learning
  • Demonstrate in their planning, delivery and evaluation a regard for equal opportunities and health and safety legislation
  • Develop their skills in devising programmes and schemes of work
  • Apply communication skills in teaching and training
  • Design and apply appropriate means of assessing learners
  • Adopt a logical approach to planning learning sessions by reference to a variety of methods
  • Design, make and use a range of teaching and learning materials, using their own creative and information technology skills
  • Apply communication skills in teaching and training
  • Design and apply appropriate means of assessing learners

Our programme will give delegates a foundation of skills and knowledge to work in a teaching or training environment and develop their skills. The programme will include a practical element where delegates will demonstrate the use of their new skills in a micro-teach assessed session.

The programme costs £270 plus VAT. Book now or contact us for further information.


CV Writing

cv-writingHaving a professional CV that clearly represents you and your skills, abilities and qualifications will enable a prospective employer to evaluate how you could match the requirements of their job vacancy.

A CV is just the first step in securing a job, but it is your first chance to represent yourself to a future employer so it is important that it is right and makes a good impression. If you submit a poor CV you are unlikely to be selected for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Recruiters may spend less than 30 seconds scanning your CV for key information, so layout, content and tailoring are essential.

In the current job market most employers receive numerous CVs for every vacancy, so having a professional CV will help you to stand out from the crowd and hopefully lead to an interview. This course will break down each section of the CV and explain what is required and some considerations you should think about when writing your CV. Every CV is different because every person is different, but how you present the information about yourself is crucial.

The programme costs £200 plus VAT. Book now or contact us for further information.


Interview Skills

interview-skillsA job interview is something few people enjoy and many people struggle with. It is often the final stage as to whether you are successfully recruited or not. Learning how to present yourself at an interview, how to dress appropriately, how to verbalise your achievements and skills, and give relevant examples instead of reciting your CV, will all make you far more likely to be successful.


Our course will teach you all these things and more including demonstrating your potential to grow in the role and how you can work well with a team.

The programme costs £200 plus VAT. Book now or contact us for further information.


Other Courses

We are regularly adding content to our course catalogue so please keep checking back or contact us if you have a specific request.